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About me

I'm a Hobby Programmer who plans to do Computer Science for my career. I Co-Founded Co-Lead a coding club and I am a Co-Founder and Co-Director of a highschool hackathon. I have created many projects in python, processing (Java), and HTML CSS.



Photon Commerce

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Software Engineer Intern

Photon Commerce is a fintech company with products using AI to digitize financial data.

- Software Engineer Intern

Hack the Fog

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Co-Founder and Director

Hack the Fog (HTF) is a Non-Profit organization that I co-founded. In March 2018 HTF made history by hosting the first high school hackathon in San Francisco, HTF got featured in the SF Chronicle for this achievment. Since July 2019 HTF started organizing HTF 2.0, but due to Covid-19 is has been indefinitely postponed. In 3 months part of the HTF organization hosted Hack the Cloud, HTF's reaction Covid-19 to bring the hackathon experience to highschoolers during the shelter in place.

- Co-Director of Hack the Cloud (Hosted July 11th 2020)

- Co-Director and Director of Internal Affairs of Hack the Fog 2.0 (Postponed)

- Co-Founder and Organizer of Hack the Fog (Hosted March 3rd 2020)

Lowell Dev Club

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Co-Founder and Co-President

Lowell Dev Club is a Hack Club at Lowell highschool. Dev Club was founded after ByteLab, the previous cs club at Lowell, ended and was created to improve on the weakness of ByteLab. We founded Dev Club to bring meaninful CS experiences and lessons to fellow students. We also wanted to prepare and connect students to CS experiences like Hackathons.

- Co-Founder and Co-President Since May 2019

Japantown Youth Leaders

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Youth Leader

Japantown Youth Leaders (JYL) is a youth leaders program through JCYC. Leaders volunteer throughout the year at various events in japantown and the city. Leaders have weekly meetings diving more in depth in skills like leadership, public speaking, and volunteerism. I have volunteered 208.5 hours since I started JYL

- JYL toolbox creater and maintainer Since March 2020

- Youth Leader Since September 2017


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Club Secretary

Bytelab was a coding club created to teach students how to become fullstack devlopers.

- Club Secretary 2018-2019

- Club Member 2017-2019