☄️Asteroids Game🚀

Semi-functional asteroids game. Includes movements, projectiles, and hyperspace.


Random walking particles that eventually overtake each other.

Custom Fractal

Random circles made recursively.


Object Oriented Dice utilizing 2D arrays and displaying many dice and the totals of your rolls.

🌴Fractal Tree🌴

Recursive fractal tree that uses random values to make the tree sway in the "wind".


Random walking lines that create lightning to look like a plasma ball.


Minesweeper game made with guido library. Contains Object Oriented code, recursion, and 2 dimensional arrays

🔺Sierpinski Triangle🔻

A simple recursive sierpinski triangle.

🌌Star Field🖖

Object Oriented program that utilizes Arraylists to create particles to make a warp effect.


Recursive fractal tendril program.